Self-Paced Tutorials vs. Instructor-led Courses

There are three main differences between ed2go Self-paced Tutorials and the stand alone Instructor-led Courses.

1.  The Self-paced Tutorial course content is not gated, all content/lessons are available to the student immediately so they can complete the course at their own pace.

2.  The student has a full 3 months of access to a Self-paced Tutorial rather than the standard 6 week format.

3.  The discussion area for the Self-paced Tutorial course is not monitored by an instructor, it is more of a forum for students to discuss the course with each other.

The quizzes and final exam built into the course are the same as with the stand alone courses and follow the same grading format.  

For students who feel they do not need instructor guidance, the Self-paced Tutorial format is a great option as many students do not use the discussion area that is available for the standard Instructor-led Course format.  Many of the students feel the peer feedback is sufficient for them.

For students who prefer the reassurance of being able to reach out to an instructor with questions and concerns the stand alone Fundamental Instructor-led Course format may be a better option for them.

Being able to provide varying learning avenues to accommodate the differences in student learning styles is one of the reasons ed2go has made the Self-paced Tutorial option available in many of our popular courses.

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