Advanced Career Training - Advanced Career Training Student Support Resources

From pre-registration to post-completion, ed2go offers students various resources to assist them throughout various points of their life cycle.

Program Assistance

Prospective Students
Admissions Counselors are ed2go's course experts. Prospective students can be referred directly to our Admissions Counselors for assistance with program selection, program mechanics, and enrollment assistance. They can be reached at (855) 520-6806. When your student is ready to enroll, if ed2go manages your Career Training Program enrollments, we will take the students credit card payment or assist them with our loan application. If your institution manages these enrollments, if the student cannot pay us directly, or if the student is being funded by a third party, we will refer the student back to the Student Representative at your school to complete their enrollment.

Active Students
Students have access to their Instructor within the classroom via email, and may also have a phone number, office hours, and live chat handle provided to them, whose contact information will be shared in their Welcome email once enrolled. Students can contact their instructor with questions about their lessons, quizzes, assignments, and other course materials. Instructors will reply via email within 24 business hours.

Students are also  assigned a Student Advisor at the time of registration and provided direct contact information. You may also ask the student to reach out to their Student Advisor for any questions they have regarding their Advanced Career Training Program (formerly known as CTP's).  If students are unsure of who their Student Advisor is, they may email their request to

Completed Students
Students may reach out to their Student Advisor for any assistance needed after they complete their Advanced Career Training Program, including Career Services, assistance with exam vouchers, and externship availability. If students are unsure of who their Student Advisor is, they may email their request to

Course Access Assistance

Once a student's enrollment is processed, within 24 hours of submission, they are sent an email with log in credentials and a link to the Student Center (, where they will access their program. Within the Student Center, students have access to the following resources:
  • My Programs - The Student Center is where students will view Previous Courses, Upcoming Courses and access their Active Courses. They can also view and download their time tracking reports if they need to provide proof of attendance. Student Advisor contact information can also be found here.
  • Career Services - Students will find helpful guides and links to web resources to assist them when researching their industry, hunting for a job and applying for a job.
  • Student Support - Students can download the Success Skills for Online Learning

Login, Materials & Career Services Assistance

Students are assigned an ed2go Student Advisor and provided their direct email and phone number within their Enrollment Confirmation email. Our partners are also copied on this email. Students with questions about log in support and material status can be referred directly to their Student Advisor for assistance. If they are unsure of who their Student Advisor is, students may also email their request to

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