Transferring Fundamentals ILC Enrollments

Once you understand your options, transferring an enrollment is simple. Using the decision tree below, determine the correct process for your transfer scenario and proceed accordingly.
Helpful Hints
  • The Drop/Transfer Request Form is located in the Online Administration Center under the Tracking tab.
  • Although the word drop is in its title, the Drop/Transfer Request Form can be used to process either a Course Drop OR Session Transfer.
  • If a student is transferring to a new course, the student can enroll or be enrolled prior to the old course being dropped unless they are transferring to a bundle or course series which consists of their original course. In this case alone, the original enrollment must first be dropped before a student can re-enroll in the bundle or series. (For example, a student enrolls in Introduction to MS Excel 2016 and later decides to "transfer" to the MS Excel 2016 Series. Introduction to MS Excel 2016 must first be dropped by ed2go before the student will be allowed to re-enroll.)


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