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Students enrolled in an Advanced Career Training Programs (formerly known as CTP's) are advised of a requirement to access courses from their Student Center so that ed2go can monitor and record course activity, such as login history and hours of access, and share these details with our partners. The Time Tracker is of particular importance for those enrollments which are funded by third-parties, as they typically require progress reporting as a condition of student funding.

How It Works

Online Time
For Advanced Career Training Programs (formerly known as CTP's), students are informed they must log into their Student Center and click on "Enter Classroom” when working on their course. Once they enter the classroom, the time tracker begins to monitor and record actions taken within the classroom. When students are not actively working on the program, the time tracker will stop. Therefore, students must be actively working on the program for the time tracker to accurately record the total time the student is logged in.

Time is not listed immediately so that if a student leaves momentarily, their work will show as continual progress. Once a student has logged out, the time tracker will list all activity after the next update cycle (update cycles are four hours apart). At a maximum, the student's last progress will be listed in the student's activity after eight hours of logging out of the program. This process is in place to cover student activity which may have spanned across two different update cycles. In some cases, the time tracker will be accurately recorded after four hours but this depends on where in the cycle the student logged in.


Offline Time

Offline time is a feature that allows students to log in to the Student Center for the purpose of recording work they are doing which does not involve being active in the classroom, such as reading text books, or working on assignments in software systems which apply to their program. The offline time tracker is basically a self-reporting feature.

Students turn on the time tracker and are expected to be working on coursework which does not live in the online classroom. If students navigate away from the Student Center page, indicating using the internet for other purposes which do not include the classroom, the time tracker will automatically stop recording. Students who sign in to the time tracker to record offline time can keep it running while they work on external resources and then stop the clock when they are done working.

NOTE: Students enrolled in a course offered through our third-party providers learn the Time Tracker can be bypassed by going directly to the provider’s site to access their course, as opposed to accessing their course through the Student Center. We strongly suggest partner schools reiterate the importance of using the Time Tracker to their students when time reporting is necessary.

Viewing Student Activity

ed2go Partners have the ability to view student activity captured by the Time Tracker through the Online Administration Center. To view student activity, go to Students, locate your student on the roster, click on the enrollment or the student's name, then click on the course title. The following detail will be listed:
  • Last login; date and time
  • Login history by date, for classroom and offline study time
  • Daily access time total
  • Total time spent
  • Completion details upon completion; completion date and score

Discrepancies in Reporting

Student activity tracking can only account for time spent using the Time Tracker. If discrepancies are noted, they are likely a result of the Time Tracker not being used properly by the student (i.e. student is bypassing the time tracker and logging directly into their course, they do not track offline time, they log into the tracker but do not actively work in the program, etc.).

If you feel there is a discrepancy in the displayed progress, you may request a progress report by sending an email with the student’s name, email address, and course title to

Detailed Progress Reports

In some cases you may need a more detailed progress report for a student. A progress report for each Advanced Career Training Program that a student is enrolled in will contain a list of the student's progress in the program to date, along with any grades that may have been earned. Formats of these reports may differ from one program to another. These can be obtained by emailing the request to

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