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Advanced Career Training Programs (formerly known as CTP's) mechanics, pricing, detailed course info, computer and material requirements and more can be found at your hosted ed2go Career Training website. This site is the best resource for students to determine whether a particular program suits their needs. Should students need additional assistance in choosing the appropriate program, you may refer them to an ed2go Admissions Counselor at 855.520.6806.

NOTE: It is in your students' discretion to determine what they need to be most successful, as they are most familiar with their career objective, experience and education.

Your Advanced Career Training Programs (formerly known as CTP's) website URL follows this format:, and contains the following detail for each program. As an ed2go partner, you can refer students to your hosted site to research programs, and you can also use this site to help assist with student questions.

Program Details Available at Your Hosted Site



Includes a brief summary of what students can expect to learn in the program, a competency checklist, and potential career paths. National certification preparation or inclusion will also be listed, as applicable.


An expanded summary of the program's learning objectives, and program's access term can be found here. If the program prepares for or includes national certification, those details will also be included.


Includes a list of courses the program consists of, along with lesson titles and possible brief lesson summaries.


Computer and other program requirements are listed, such as software and material requirements, as well as a list of materials ed2go includes in the cost of the program.


Any requirements students must meet prior to enrollment, or requirements which must be met to sit for a national certification exam, as applicable.


A brief summary of the instructor(s) facilitating the program.


A list of our most commonly asked questions by students.


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