When Students Cannot Pay Online

If your site is set up to accept online pay only but you have a student who needs to pay your institution directly or cannot pay online, you can process the registration on the student's behalf through your Online Administration Center.

To accept offline payment from students, companies, or 3rd party payment providers, please use the Manage and Enroll Students tool in the Online Administration Center, found under the Tracking tab.

After collecting payment, enroll the student via this tool by entering the student’s name, email address, course title and session start date.  You will also have the ability to enroll a student in multiple courses at once. Verification will occur at the time of enrollment.  The student will be emailed all necessary account and course access detail upon completion of your request. At this time, your institution will also be emailed an enrollment confirmation and be invoiced for the enrollment.

To view the tool now, please log into the Online Administration Center and go to Tracking>Manage and Enroll Students. A video demo of the tool is also available at the this link.


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