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The Online Administration Center (OAC) is your one-stop portal to review your student roster, manage enrollments, and customize your catalog and pricing. Each user should have their own log in/user account, and all users have the same set of permissions. If you manage multiple ed2go sites, once logged into the OAC, each site can be accessed by using the site toggle feature.


New Users

To be set up as a user for the Online Administration Center (OAC), you may reach out to any existing OAC administrator to request to be added. As needed, they can refer to the instructions below to add you.

To add a new user, please log into the Online Administration Center and go to Account>Set-Up/Manage Users. Upon saving your changes, users will be sent an email with further instruction.

Otherwise, please contact us and request to be added, providing us with your site code, name, and email address.


Existing Users

To access the Online Administration Center, please log in at You may need to access the site by retyping the address in your browser and creating a new bookmark.
     Enter Email Address:
     Enter Your Password:

Once logged in you will be able to toggle between your multiple sites (if applicable) using the drop down arrow located on the top right side of the Online Administration Center homepage.

Password Reset

To reset your password to the Online Administration Center, go to and click the Forgot Password link. An email will be sent to you with a link to create a new password. Passwords must be at least eight characters in length.

Users for Multiple Rosters/Sites

If you have multiple ed2go sites (ILC/CTP/PRO), be sure to use the site toggle to navigate to each site and make all appropriate updates. The site toggle is located in the top right side of the Homepage and accessible by clicking the drop down arrow.

Remove Users

To remove user, please log into the Online Administration Center and go to Account>Set-Up/Manage Users. Click the Remove button and this user will not longer have access to this Online Administration Center

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