Advanced Career Training Program Registration Process

Student Self-Enroll

If your site is set up for ed2go to manage Advanced Career Training Program (formerly known as CTP's) leads and registrations, please refer students to your ed2go Advanced Career Training Program site ( to register and make payment, or to apply for the ed2go loan program. If students cannot pay online by credit card or need to pay your institution directly, follow the instructions listed below.

Registering Students in the OAC

To register a student at your Advanced Career Training Program site, please follow the instructions below:

1.  Log into your Online Administration Center, If you are not a user and would like to be added, please email us your request.
2.  Once logged into the Online Administration Center you may have to toggle between your multiple ed2go rosters (ILC/CTP/PRO) to locate/register your student. To use the toggle feature, locate and click the drop down arrow located on the top right side of the Online Administration Center homepage, then select the appropriate roster as indicated by the web name listed.
3.  Go to Students tab and either Add a New Student or Enroll an existing student.

Video Tutorials

Video tutorial- Partner-initiated through the Online Administration Center, NEW Student

Video tutorial- Partner-initiated through the Online Administration Center, EXISTING Student


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