Managing Your Roster

The ed2go Online Administration Center (OAC) provides you with a comprehensive tool to help manage your rosters. From standard roster administration, such as enrolling, verifying or dropping a student, to reporting and roster downloads, the Manage and Enroll Students tool can help.

The Manage and Enroll Students tool can be found in the Fundamentals Courses (formerly known as ILC's) OAC under the Tracking tab, and in the Advanced Career Training (formerly known as CTP's) Program  OAC under the Students tab.


Enrollments View

1.  Search and View Enrollments by Student, Course, and Date
2.  Sort and Filter Roster by Date, Status, Price, Payment type and Product Type
3.  Enroll a New Student (existing students are enrolled under the Students View)
4.  Drop an Enrollment (enrollments marked as 'Partner Collected' only)
5.  Download Filtered or Complete Student Roster
6.  View Student Enrollment Detail

NOTE: To drop an enrollment marked as 'ed2go Collected', go to Tracking, then Drop/Transfer Request Form to begin the drop and refund process using the Drop/Transfer Request Form..

To drop an Advanced Career Training Program enrollment, please first refer to our Drop and Refund Policy.

Students View

1.  Enroll a New Student
2.  Enroll an Existing Student
3.  Search and View Enrollments by Student Name and Email
4.  Download Complete Student Roster
5.  Access Student Detail View

Student Detail View

1.  Accessible from the Enrollments or Students view.
2.  View Student Enrollment History and Account Detail
3.  Verify, Unverify, Drop "Partner Collected" enrollments
4.  Create a New Enrollment for Selected Student
5.  Access Course Activity Reports, Assessments (Fundamentals only) and Action History.

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