Updating Contact Info for Your Account

New to the ed2go program or with your institution and need to add yourself as a contact for your ed2go websites? You have come to the right place!

How to Update Contact Information

1.  Log into your Online Administration Center
2.  Click on the ‘Account’ tab.
3.  Review and edit items 2-5 and 7 by clicking 'Edit Info'

TIP: If you are the new Program Manager, you may want to review items 1-9 to ensure these details are also still up to date.

If you have multiple ed2go sites (ILC/CTP/PRO), be sure to use the site toggle to navigate to each site and make all appropriate updates. The site toggle is located in the top right side of the Homepage and accessible by clicking the drop down arrow.

Which Contact Should I Choose?

Contact Types

Program Manager: The primary contact for your ed2go partnership. We will use this contact internally at ed2go when we have questions about site set up and general administration. This contact is not shared with students on your ed2go website.

Student Representative: The primary contact for your students as they need assistance with your institutions policies. This person's contact detail is listed on the About Us page of your ed2go site, and shared with student's when they have questions pertaining to drops, transfers, refunds, and other inquiries ed2go cannot directly assist them with.

Billing Representative: The primary billing contact who is listed on your ed2go statements and invoices. This contact is not shared with students on your ed2go website.

Online Administration Center User: Anyone in your institution who needs access to view your student roster, perform administrative functions on enrollments, and manage your catalog offerings and pricing. All users have the same permission level.

Enrollment Notification Recipients: Contacts who would like to be notified of new enrollments, roster changes, and student completion.


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