Third-Party Funding and Registration- Advanced Career Training Program

ed2go can only accept direct student payments or payments from ed2go loan participants. Therefore, we refer students back to your institution when they want to pay for their program using any alternative payment methods, such as check, purchase order, and government or military funds via voucher.

To Register a Student

Once you've collected or negotiated payment with the student or third-party funding source, use the Manage and Enroll Students tool in the Online Administration Center, found under the Students tab to register the student.

1.  Log into the Online Administration Center
2.  Go to Students tab
3.  Either Add a New Student or Enroll an existing student

Video tutorial- Partner-initiated through the Online Administration Center, NEW Student

Video tutorial- Partner-initiated through the Online Administration Center, EXISTING Student

NOTE: Once logged into the Online Administration Center you may have to toggle between your multiple ed2go rosters (ILC/CTP/PRO) to locate/register your student.  To use the toggle feature, locate and click the drop down arrow located on the top right side of the Online Administration Center homepage, then select the appropriate roster as indicated by the web name listed.

What Happens Next?

Within 24-48 hours after processing, students will receive an initial Welcome Email with detailed course information, course login, and instructor contact information. We will CC the school on each student’s initial welcome email so you can ensure each student has been registered and contacted by us. ed2go will then ship all course materials directly to the student upon registration, and invoice your school for the registration.

Special Processing Needs

Should the registration require special processing such as a future start date, customized access dates, or unique shipping or handling of course materials, you may enter this detail in the Comments section of the registration process in Step 2, after you have added the course and are prompted to enter the Student Information.

Why Do I Need to Enter a Payment Type?

Payment type is an important factor ed2go considers when processing all registrations, as some require special processing and handling. For example, students enrolled using funds from the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) generally have a case worker assigned to them who needs to grant ed2go approval for extensions. In these cases, ed2go would require approval from the case worker prior to proceeding with any changes. If we were not provided the payment type at registration, ed2go would not know special handling was a requirement.

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