Troubleshoot Student Login- Fundamentals ILC

Students enrolled in Fundamental Courses (formerly known as ILC's) create their log in credentials during the enrollment process, either through your Online Instruction Center when self-enrolling, or via a link in an email when enrolled by you in the Online Administration Center. Once a student has an ed2go account, it can be used at any ed2go hosted site.

Student login consists of their username (email address) and chosen password. For security purposes, ed2go does not email students their username and password.

Forgot Password

Direct students to the Help link at your Online Instruction Center ( to reset their password. From the log in screen they can click the "Forgot Password" link.  The student will receive an email with a temporary password to reset and a link to your site.  They will then create a new password after using the link provided in the email.

You can also direct students to contact the ed2go Student Support Team by using the Help link on your website and the last category on the left side menu, or by emailing Student Support can provide students with a temporary password, as well.


NOTE: Once a student has requested a reset, they will receive an email with a link to follow and reset their password.  They will need access to the email address we have on file. For security reasons the link will expire in 24 hours. If the temporary password is not used within 24 hours, the password reset will become invalid and the student will need to resubmit the request.

Registered With Incorrect Email Address

For the Forgot Password feature to work properly, students must be enrolled using a valid email address, this is because students are sent an email with link to reset their password. If the email address is entered incorrectly, students unable to log in won't be able to receive the password reset email. For this reason, the student's email address must first be changed to their valid email address. To update a student's email address, please send an email to with your request. You may also directly refer students to our Student Services team at for assistance.  Either team can also reset the student's password at this time.

Other Troubleshooting Basics

To access their course, students must be:
  • Logging in at the ed2go site they originally enrolled through. If they are unsure, refer them to their Enrollment Confirmation email, in which the site URL is listed.
  • Using the email address and password they provided at the time of enrollment or on first login. They may reset their password as needed.
AND the course must be:
  • Appearing on your roster in the Online Administration Center
  • Verified
  • Active (the session is open)

No Active Courses

Students usually see no active courses when logging into another partners ed2go site in error, or using alternate log in credentials for a secondary ed2go account. Refer the student to their Enrollment Confirmation email to confirm the website they enrolled through, and verify the email address that was used at the time of enrollment. (Note any possible typos in their email address.) Students enrolled with the wrong email address but remember their password, can log in using the wrong email address then update their email address from My Classroom, under My Account.

Passcode Invalid

In order for passcodes to be valid, they must be:
  • Entered properly
  • Used for the course they were issued for
  • Not used for a Series, Suite or Self-paced Tutorial enrollment
  • Not expired
  • Used on the ed2go site from which they were issued
If copy/paste was used to enter the passcode, any blank extra characters should first be removed before student use.

Passcode status can be obtained by utilizing the Passcode Tracking Report tool in the Online Administration Center under the Tracking tab.


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