Fundamentals Student Support Resources for 6-Week Instructor-led Courses

Find valuable information on how to best direct your students when they have questions about their course, login, and policy and procedure.

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Course Assistance

Instructors are the best contact to refer students to who have questions about the content of the course they are enrolled in, and any associated quizzes, assignments and exams. Students enrolled in a currently active session can reach out to their instructor directly by posting in any open Discussion Area. Instructors have agreed to respond within 24 hours, M-F. Prospective students, and students who may not feel comfortable posting in the Discussion Area can reach out to our Student Support team via the Help link at your Online Instruction Center, or via email at

TIP: Fundamentals Course instructors do not handle facilitation or administration of drops, transfers, extensions or refunds. There are links within each Discussion Area however, that will allow your student to contact ed2go Student Support directly about any of these matters.

Log In Assistance

Students may be directly referred to our Student Support Department for assistance.  They can be reached via the “Need more help” link at the bottom of the Help page of your Online Instruction Center, or via email at


Drop, Transfer, and Refund Assistance

ed2go defers to your institution's policy as it pertains to drops, transfers or refunds of Fundamental Courses, as long as the enrollment occurred in the last six months and the student has not completed the course. For more information about this process, please refer to these articles.



Students enrolled in Fundamental Courses are granted automatic, 10 day extensions beyond the Final Exam Due Date. You may view the course calendar in the Online Administration Center, under Tracking > Course Calendar. The last date listed for each month (Student Extension Period Ends) is the last day of the course with extension. If is still not enough time, you may request their payment be transferred to a new session by completing a Drop/Transfer Request Form, also found in the Online Administration Center under the Tracking tab.

Self-paced Tutorial enrollments are not eligible or extensions or transfers.


Final Exam Retakes

Although students are advised that their first attempt at the Final Exam counts as their final grade, our partners have the ability to grant an exception as warranted. To grant an exception to allow a subsequent submitted grade to be counted as the final grade, or to reset their final grade, please contact the Partner Helpdesk, providing the student's name, email address and course title.

NOTE: Final grade resets can only be granted for open sessions.  If the request comes for a session that is closed please note that you may be required to also submit a Drop Transfer Request From to allow the student access.


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