Register Students Who Pay You Directly or Use Third-party Pay

Students who do not pay with a credit card will need to pay you directly. You will need to enter these students into the Online Administration Center. If you accept third-party funding, you can also enter these students in the Online Administration Center.

To register a student through your Online Administration Center, please follow the instructions below:

1.  Log into your Online Administration Center. If you are not a user and would like to be added, please email us your request.

2.  Once logged into the Online Administration Center you may have to toggle between your multiple ed2go rosters (ILC/CTP/PRO) to locate/register your student.  To use the toggle feature, locate your institution name in the top right side of the Online Administration Center. Click the drop down arrow located next to your institution name, then select the alternate site name.

3.  Go to Students tab (on the Advanced Career Training Program -formerly CTP's Online Administration Center) or the Tracking tab and the Manage & Enroll Students tool (on the Fundamental Courses - formerly ILC's Online Administration Center).

4.  Click on either Add a New Student or Enroll an existing student by clicking on the Students view.

TIP: Students should ensure that all emails coming from the '' email domain are marked as safe senders to ensure they receive their enrollment confirmation. Students who do not receive their email should first check their spam or junk filters. Otherwise, students may be directly referred to our Student Support Department for a password reset.  Student Support can be reached via the “Help” link at the top of your home page or by email at


Video Tutorials

Video tutorial- Partner-initiated through the Online Administration Center, NEW Student

Video tutorial- Partner-initiated through the Online Administration Center, EXISTING Student


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