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ed2go offers Advanced Career Training programs (formerly known as CTP's) and Fundamental courses (formerly known as ILC's). For both, students are provided with a certificate of completion but the process varies depending on the student's enrollment.

Fundamental Courses (formerly known as ILC's)

When students successfully complete these short 6-week courses, if you have chosen to allow for online certificates, the certificate of completion will automatically be available to the student for print or download in their My Classroom homepage immediately after successfully passing the final exam.  The student would just need to click on the "Completion" button to access.

To review or adjust your certificate settings for Fundamental Courses, log into the Online Administration Center and go to Account>Certificate of Completion Info.


Advanced Career Training Programs (formerly known as CTP's)

When your students successfully complete an Advanced Career Training Program, the partner is responsible for issuing the student a Certificate of Completion. The Policies and Procedures for when a student completes an Advanced Career Training Program, follow.

Completion Policy

Upon successful completion of an Advanced Career Training program, the partner is responsible for issuing completing students a Certificate of Completion.

Completion Requirements

Students will be marked Complete in your Online Administration Center reports after the following criteria is met:  they have completed the course requirements, their instructor reviews and confirms all components of the course were successfully completed and they have fulfilled any financial obligations (i.e. student loan). Completion verification from the instructor may take 24-48 hours from the time the student completes their program.

Verifying Student Completion

When your student successfully completes their program, ed2go will email you a Student Completion Notice that will contain the student's name, overall grade and other important program details. The completion email serves as the official notice and confirmation of their completion indicating that the student is eligible for their certificate of completion. This lets you know that the student has been verified as complete. It is then up to you to create and issue the student their certificate. The same person that receives Enrollment Notifications at your institution will also receive Completion Notifications. Upon receipt of this email you would generate a certificate using one of our templates (see below) or a template of your choice.

We recommend using a certificate with an embossed seal, including the student’s first/last name, program title and completion date, printed on heavier stock paper that is mailed directly to the student. Certificates are to be sent within 30 days of student completion.
To edit or update who receives this Notification:
1.  Login to the Online Administration Center
2.  Click the "Account" tab
3.  Under #5 Enrollment Notifications you can add, edit or remove recipients.

In addition to the completion email, from the Online Administration Center you can quickly pull completion reports. Under the "Students" tab you can filter by Completion and choose a date range. Here you will have a complete report of students to confirm those who have completed.

Certificate of Completion Templates



CTP_Certificate_Vnoseal.pdf CTP_Certificate_Vnoseal.pdf
CTP_Certificate_SealV04.pdf CTP_Certificate_SealV04.pdf

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