Students View

If you are looking to locate an existing student or receive the message "Invalid E-mail Address is already in Use" when attempting to enroll a student in your Online Administration Center you can do so using the Students View

In the Students View you can:
1.  Enroll a New Student
2.  Enroll an Existing Student
3.  Search and View Enrollments by Student Name and Email
4.  Download Complete Student Roster
5.  Access Student Detail View

Student Detail View
1.  Accessible from the Enrollments or Students view.
2.  View Student Enrollment History and Account Detail
3.  Verify, Unverify, Drop "Partner Collected" ILC and SPT enrollments
4.  Create a New Enrollment for Selected Student
5.  Access Course Activity Reports, Assessments (Fundamentals only) and Action History.


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