Extension Policy - Advanced Career Training Programs

ed2go strongly encourages students to complete their Advanced Career Training (formerly known as CTP's) within the designated access term however, we understand some students may need additional time to be successful. Therefore, we consider program extensions for Advanced Career Training Programs on a case-by-case basis.

Policy -
If the Student requires additional time to complete an enrollment, Student may be granted up to two extensions, each equal to twenty-five percent (25%) of the initial duration of access for the enrollment. Extensions shall not exceed the initial duration of access by one hundred and fifty percent (150%).  (For example, a 12-month program will have two 3-month extensions available,for a total access period of 18 months.) 

Extension requests must be received within two (2) weeks of the original end date or may be purchased upfront.  The fees for extensions are determined using the table below.

Tuition Fee First Extension Second Extension
$500 - 1000 $75 $75
$1001 - 2000 $150 $150
$2001 - 3000 $250 $250
$3001 - 4000 $350 $350
$4001 - 5000 $450 $450
$5001 - 6000 $550 $550

Tuition fee in the above table refers to full retail cost as listed on the Student’s order confirmation at time of purchase. Discounts received will not be taken into consideration when calculating extension costs. Extension fees are not refundable and taxes may apply.

Procedure - ed2go processes student extensions. Students can request extension details as well as extension processing directly through their Student Advisor. ed2go will directly collect payment from the student or refer the student to their partnering school to make payment, depending on the program. Partners may also request extensions on a student's behalf by emailing your student's name, program title and email address via this link. If we are invoicing you for the cost of the extension, please let us know.

NOTE: Students funded by a government agency, such as WIOA or Vocational Rehabilitation must have their counselor's approval to proceed with an extension. Upon approval, ed2go will issue the extension regardless of current program progress. ed2go will invoice your institution for the cost of the extension.

Click here to view the Student Enrollment Agreement.

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