Change Pricing for February 2018 Price Increase

This article explains how to increase your pricing in time for the February 2018 price increase. Since the February 2018 session opens for enrollment on 11/1/2017, your retail price should be updated to reflect the new wholesale price you'll be billed for in February.

On or before October 31st, 2017, partners should review and adjust catalog pricing in the Online Administration Center. After this date, the February session opens for enrollment and students will pay the price indicated in your catalog, and your institution will be invoiced at the new wholesale price.

To make future price adjustments in bulk from your Online Administration Center, follow the below instruction. A video tutorial is also available here.

1. Log in at
2. Click Catalog
3. Click on “ (Current month) 2017 Catalog” to display the 2017 calendar. For example, October 2017 Catalog.
4. Use the right arrow next to “2017” to change the year to 2018.
5. Click “Feb.” The page should now reflect “February 2018 Catalog”

6. From the catalog grid, select the empty checkbox located next to “Course”
7. Click “Select all XX courses in results” and click Edit>Prices
8. Update the “Retail Price” for all applicable courses/price points (refer to new Price List for affected price points)
9. Click “Save for All Future Sessions.” This will update pricing for February 2018 and every session thereafter.

Future price changes do not affect your current pricing.


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