Viewing Student Information

You can view your student's personal information in your Online Administration Center using the Manage & Enroll Students tool located under the Tracking tab for Fundamental courses (Formerly known as ILC's), or under the Students tab, for Advanced Career Training Programs (Formerly known as CTP's).

Viewing Student Information

1.  Log into the Online Administration Center (OAC)
2.  Toggle to the correct ed2go roster (ILC/CTP/PRO) using the site toggle at the top, right corner of the homepage, as needed
3.  Click Tracking (or Students)
4.  Click Manage and Enroll Students (Your ACT) site automatically does this step for you)
5.  Search for the student by name or email address
6.  Click on the desired student's enrollment.

From this screen you can view your student's address, email, phone number and other information collected at the time of their enrollment.  You will also be able to view their enrollments, access dates, and status.

Please note that only ed2go or the student can update the student's phone number, date of birth and email address.


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