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Searching Your Catalog

ed2go offers you the ability to search for a Career Training Program in your catalog by program title or by Product Code/GES#.

Once logged into your Advanced Career Training program (Formerly known as CTP's) Online Administration Center click on the Catalog tab.
To search by title (this is the default when you access the Catalog tab) be sure that “Title” is listed.  In the search bar type the program name and click Search to return the desired program

To search by Product Code, click the drop arrow next to the search bar and choose “Product Code”, then type the Product Code/GES# for the program you wish to find.

The student also has the ability to search for an Advanced Career Training program (Formerly known as CTP's) by Product Code/GES# or by program title on your ed2go site, 

The student will use the search button in the top right of the screen.  Here they can type either the program name or product code/GES#.
One thing to note is that when using the GES# as a search option, the number must be entered as GES### with no spaces.


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