Discontinued Courses

ed2go occasionally discontinues courses from our catalog for reasons such as obsolescence, low enrollments and contract expiration. Currently enrolled students will remain in their course, however new enrollments would not be available once the course is removed from our catalog..

Notifying Partners of Course Discontinuation

When programs are scheduled to be discontinued, we do our best to email all of our partners at least three (3) months prior to discontinuation. There may be times we are unable to provide such advanced notice for example, when a course is removed by our third-party content provider or when we've determined continued enrollments would not be in the best interest of our students due to outdated content. In either case, ed2go will email all partners to communicate changes to our catalog, and post an announcement in our Partner Blog.

Identifying Courses "To Be Discontinued" in Your Catalog

When advanced notice is available, we will flag courses as "To Be Discontinued" in your Online Administration Center Catalog, allowing you to search and filter by this criteria. In the example below, I have used the Display Filters tool, and filtered by the Label, "To Be Discontinued".

Obtain a List of Discontinued Courses

Once a course is discontinued, it will be closed for new enrollments and hidden from your Catalog in the Online Administration Center (OAC). However, you will retain the ability to view and download a list of discontinued courses from the Catalog in the OAC.

Using the Display Filters tool, and filtering by the Label, "Discontinued", will show you a list of courses which have since been discontinued, temporarily revealing them.

Remove "To Be Discontinued" Courses From Your Catalog in Advance

ed2go will automatically remove discontinued courses from your catalog on the date they are no longer available for enrollment. However, you can remove them in advance as needed. Once logged into the Online Administration Center:
  1. Click Catalog
  2. Under Display Filters, open the Labels menu and select "To Be Discontinued"
  3. Select desired courses
  4. Click Remove
  5. Save for All Future Sessions.

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