Program Transfers- Advanced Career Training Programs

Within the 10 Day Grace Period

Once a student is enrolled in an Advanced Career Training Program (formerly known as CTP's), they have 10 days from the date they sign their Student Enrollment Agreement to advise ed2go of any need to transfer to another program. During this time frame, students can submit their transfer request to their Student Advisor. Please note, students may be responsible for any differences in program cost and material costs, if materials for the initial course are not returned to ed2go, or received back in less than new condition.

After the 10 Day Grace Period

Transfer requests received after the 10 day grace period may be approved on an exception basis only. Should an exception be approved, your institution will also be asked for your approval to proceed with the transfer. If a transfer is approved, additional fees, such as differences in program costs, material fees, and instructor fees, may apply and will need to be collected prior to processing. Please refer to the Student Enrollment Agreement for further details regarding this policy.
To request an exception for a transfer, you (the partner) may contact the Partner Helpdesk to inquire about availability. Please provide a detailed explanation along with any supporting documentation to substantiate your request.

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