Certificates of Completion- Advanced Career Training

Your institution is responsible for issuing completing students a Certificate of Completion.


When a student completes an Advanced Career Training Program (formerly known as CTP's) and we have verified they have paid their ed2go loan in full (if applicable), we will email you a Completion Notice containing the student's name and other important program details. The completion email serves as our approval for you to issue the student their certificate.


Upon receipt of this email your institution would generate a certificate using the template of your choice (preferred) or one of our certificate templates. We recommend using a certificate with an embossed seal, including the student's first/last name, program title and completion date, printing on heavier stock paper, and mailing a hard copy to the student along with a PDF copy via email. Certificates are to be sent within 30 days of student completion.


CTP_Certificate_Vnoseal.pdf CTP_Certificate_Vnoseal.pdf
CTP_Certificate_NoSealV04.pdf CTP_Certificate_NoSealV04.pdf

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