Drops & Refunds- Fundamentals ILC

ed2go offers partners the flexibility to approve drops and refunds for Fundamental Courses (formerly known as ILC's) within our policy, at your school's discretion. Review the below scenarios to learn about our policy and associated approval procedure.

Policy – Enrollments can be dropped and refunded as long as the original start date is within the last six months, and the student has not completed their course. If your student paid using the ed2go online payment system, their credit card will be refunded in 3-7 business days. A refund check will be mailed to the student if the credit card payment took place more than 90 days from the date of your request. If your student did not pay using the ed2go online payment system, it would be up to your institution to provide the refund to the student.

Procedure – Enrollments with a “Verified” and “Partner Collected” or “V” status can be dropped in the Online Administration Center under Tracking>Manage and Enroll Students>Select enrollments>Drop. Enrollments with a “Verified” and “ed2go Collected” or “O” status can be dropped in the Online Administration Center under the Tracking>Drop/Transfer Request Form.  After you submit your request, please allow 24 hours for the drop to be processed by our accounting department, at which time they will email you confirmation that the drop has been processed.

There's no need to request a drop for an Unverified or "U" enrollment, because we will invoice only verified enrollments. Unverified enrollments will also fall off a student's classroom homepage the day after the End Verify Grace Period of any given session.

Bundles - Drops of the entire bundle are allowed within six months of the original start date requested (for the first course in the bundle) as long as the student did not complete any of the courses within the bundle. The bundle must be treated as a single registration. Individual courses within the bundle cannot be dropped or allowed partial refunds.

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