Managing Multiple ed2go Rosters/Online Administration Centers

Multiple Rosters/Online Administration Centers

Having difficulty locating a student on your roster or a particular course in your catalog? If your institution has multiple ed2go websites, you may be viewing the wrong roster in the Online Administration Center.

Once logged into the Online Administration Center you may have to toggle to your alternate ed2go website rosters (ILC/PRO/CTP) to locate students on your rosters and/or register students in a particular course in your catalog. To use the toggle feature, locate and click the drop down arrow located on the top right side of the Online Administration Center homepage, then select the appropriate roster as indicated by the web name listed.

NOTE: If your institution has both a Fundamentals Course (formerly known as ILC's) and Advanced Career Training Program (formerly known as CTP's) ed2go hosted website, chances are they have the same Institution name and web name. Therefore when clicking on the toggle, it will appear the same site is listed twice.However, the site you're currently in will be shown in gray font, whereas your other site(s) will be shown in yellow/gold font. Clicking on the site listed in yellow/gold font will take you to the other roster.

TIP: You'll know your on the Fundamentals Courses roster when the top navigation menu has eight or more tabs, as shown below. The Advanced Career Training Program roster has only four to five tabs in the top navigation menu, and is designated as the "CTP Online Administration Center" just below the welcome message at the top, left of the homepage.

Fundamentals (Formerly Known as ILC's) Courses Roster

(Depending on your site settings, your OAC tabs may look slightly different than the below example.)


Advanced Career Training Program (Formerly Known as CTP's) Roster

(Depending on your site settings, your OAC tabs may look slightly different than the below example.)

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