Site Customization- Fundamentals ILC

You can customize your website by logging in to the Online Administration Center at Once there, click on the Account Tab.

Account tab

Each line item under the Account tab has a number and a short description. Click on "Edit Info" on the corresponding line to make any changes to that field. The line items and the corresponding descriptions are listed below.

1. Institution name and description

Add and edit your institutions information. Here you can also provide a brief description of your institution.

2.  Program Manager Name and Contact Info

We will use the contact information on this page to get in touch with you if there are any problems with your account. We will not provide any of the information you enter here to your students. Be sure to provide us with an e-mail address so that we can reach you.

3.  Student Representative Name and Contact Info

The contact information you enter will be provided to potential students who visit the  About Us page at your Online Instruction Center.

4.  Billing Representative Name and Contact Info

We will direct all invoices and billing statements to the person identified on this page.

5.  Set-Up/Manage Users

Add/Edit/Remove users that will have administrative access to your Online Administration Center. You can also reset passwords here.

6.  Enrollment Notifications

Designate yourself or someone at your institution that will receive student enrollment notifications.

7.  Enrollment Settings

Create a custom email/enrollment notification that your students will receive when they have registered for a course.

8.  Certificate of Completion Info

Select whether it will be available online, customize the Certificate of Completion with your institution name, department, if it will list CEU's and what grade students must earn to pass.

9. Customize Your Online Instruction Center

  • Select a Pre-Defined Palette - Choose a color palette that closely resembles your institutions colors.
  • Select Featured Courses - Select up to 20 featured courses you most want to promote to your students this month.
  • Change Home Page Welcome Message - Provide your students with a message or other instructions when they first arrive at your Online Instruction Center.
  • Change School Name - If you are not uploading your school's logo, brand your Online Instruction Center with your school and department names.
  • Upload School Logo to Home Page - Brand the top left corner of every page at your Online Instruction Center with your own custom logo.


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