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Career Training Program students should access their course from the ed2go Student Center at Students enrolled in a program hosted by one of our third-party course providers will also receive secondary course access credentials. Those students would log into the Student Center to access the login page for the course itself.

Access Instructions

Upon initial enrollment, students will be sent an email to set up their user account and log into the Student Center. Their program will be listed but not accessible until 24 hours after their Student Enrollment Agreement is signed. Once their registration is fully processed, students will receive a Welcome email advising them that their program is now accessible in the Student Center.

NOTE: Students enrolled in a program offered by one of our third-party course providers may have two sets of log in credentials; one for the ed2go Student Center and one for their program through the provider's website. Students should log in to the Student Center (this tracks their Online time) and then click the link to sign into the provider's website. Read this article for more information about the importance of always logging in through the Student Center.

Password Reset

Students with existing ed2go accounts needing password assistance for the Student Center can go to this page and enter their email address under "Forgot Password?", to be sent an email with a link to reset their password.

Students enrolled in a program offered by a third-party provider who need the password for their course reset should be referred to contact their Student Advisor or program Facilitator. The student can obtain contact information for their Student Advisor by logging into the Student Center.

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