Billing Terminology

In this article, we'll help demystify various ed2go accounting terms and common language we may use when helping with your billing questions.


You will receive an invoice if you collect payment from your students and there is a balance due ed2go. You will only be invoiced for students who are verified.

Credit Memos

If you need to drop or unverify an enrollment after the rosters have closed for billing those late drops will be listed on a credit memo we will send to you in the next billing cycle.


Net Check Report

We will send you a Net Check Report when ed2go collects payment from your students. Any partner collected enrollments or drops (less the $2.25 Online Payment Service Fee) will be deducted from the Net Check Report.



We send Statements out every three months.  You will receive a statement if you have an open balance due or open credit balance.


Billing Close Dates

Close Dates for Fundamental courses (formerly known as ILC's) are listed on the course Calendar found at the Online Administration Center.  Login to > Tracking > Course Calendar. The third date listed for each month (End Verify Grace period) is the last day new enrollments are accepted, and the last day you have access to verify student payment through the Online Administration Center.


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