Enrollment Status Terminology

A student's overall Enrollment status, as displayed in the Online Administration Center (OAC), reflects an aggregate of three individual statuses, Registration, Financial, and Academic, to provide an at-a-glance summary of a student's enrollment.

The Enrollment status is shown for each enrollment in the Manage and Enroll Students tool in the OAC, in both the Enrollments and Students view, shown below.


The student can currently access the course (verified).


The student has successfully met both financial and academic requirements.


The enrollment has been dropped and the student cannot access the course. Any possible refund will have been already applied.


There was an issue determining the student's status, please contact ed2go support for assistance.


The student has not met the financial and/or academic completion requirements.


The enrollment has not met the necessary obligations to be provided access (unverified).


The student's access to the course has been placed on hold.


The registration has been processed, but the class start date is in the future (verified).


Access to the enrollment has not yet been processed, but is scheduled.

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