Custom Section Numbers

The Online Administration Center (OAC) for Fundamental Courses (formerly knowns as ILC's) allows partners to customize section numbers for each offered title. Since a section number is usually entered for each session offering, we also provide the ability to import and export section numbers in bulk. Importing your section numbers can save you a significant amount of time, especially when course offerings and section numbers are highly customized.

Enable Custom Section Numbers

2.  Go to Catalog
3.  Click Settings
4.  Go to Section Numbers section and enable the third or fourth option
5.  Save Changes


Export and Import Custom Section Numbers

In order to successfully import your section numbers, you must first ensure your catalog is set up for custom section numbers (see above), then export your existing section numbers in order to obtain the appropriate mapping template. The export should be customized to include the course titles and sessions you’re adding section numbers for. Once changes are made to the export, you’ll save them and import them back into your Online Administration Center so they can display as needed in your catalog.

To begin the export:

2.  Go to Catalog
3.  Use the display filters on the left side of the page to customize the courses to be included in the export. For example, if you only want to export courses that are currently available in your catalog, click Offered Courses to filter your results
4.  Select the desired courses from your search results. If all courses are to be included, click the check box next to the word Course, located at the top of the Catalog grid, then select all XX courses in results (this will be in blue)
5.  Click Advanced Features then Export Section Numbers
6.  Customize the range of months for which changes to section numbers are needed, the state date will default to the current month and should remain this). For example, if you want to change or input new section numbers for your fall offerings, you may only want to select Current Month through December
7.  Click Export then download and save the Excel file as is to your computer

Update the exported Excel file:

1.  Add or update the section numbers on the Excel file for each course and session as needed.
2.  Save changes.

NOTE: Do not remove or add new columns or rows on the export. Also maintain the CSV file format. Both changes will result in an error when trying to upload the file back into the Online Administration Center.

To begin the import:
2.  Go to Catalog
3.  Click Advanced Features then Import Section Numbers
4.  Upload the Excel file you used to make the changes (exported file)
5.  Click Import. NOTE: File format must be CSV.
6.  All section numbers will be added to the Catalog and Online Instruction Center view upon successful import.


Video Tutorial

This video will address how you manage your ed2go course section numbers from an individual or bulk course management view. You will also revisit how to manage your section number settings to unlock this feature. Section numbers are not currently available for Career Training Programs.

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