Advanced Catalog Settings- Fundamentals ILC

This video covers the 'Settings' feature found in your ed2go catalog for Fundamental Courses (formerly known as ILC's) only. This feature will lock or unlock a variety of settings that will affect how your catalog behaves, and is ultimately displayed to students in your Online Instruction Center.


Available Advanced Settings
  • Customizing the way pricing is configured and displayed to students at your site.
  • Specifying whether or not you want to use section numbers.
  • Choosing how you want to promote ed2go courses at your site.
  • Enabling content providers, if courses are automatically added to your catalog when released, along with default pricing for supported providers.
  • Selecting the Categories, Departments,and Sub-Departments you want to display at your Online Instruction Center. (This in no way affects the courses offered in your catalog. To add or remove courses from your catalog, view this article.)

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