ed2go Loan Registration Process


Partners who would like to offer the ed2go loan program to students can  contact the Partner Helpdesk.

How Students Apply

If your school is currently offering the ed2go loan program, students have the ability to apply and check application status through the Financial Assistance link on your hosted, ed2go Advanced Career Training Program (formerly known as CTP's) site (careertraining.ed2go.com/xxx). ed2go and our chosen loan provider, Onelogos, manages all student application, payment, and registration processes.

What Happens Next?

Once the student’s loan is approved, ed2go is notified and we then add the registration to your roster. Within 24-48 hours after processing the registration, students will receive an initial Welcome Email with instructions on how to submit their Student Agreement. Upon submission of the agreement, students will then be sent detailed course information, course login, and instructor contact information. We will CC the school on each student’s initial welcome email as well so you can ensure each student has been registered and contacted by us. Ed2go will then ship all course materials directly to the student, upon registration, as applicable, and invoice your school for the registration.

At the same time, the designated email notification recipients with your institution will also be notified via email of the new enrollment. The email will designate the Payment Type as "Loan". Students will be sent all necessary loan documentation from our provider, and will pay them directly. Your institution will be sent your due revenue payment within 4-6 weeks of registration.

NOTE: Students will only be marked complete once all loan obligations have been satisfied.



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